V-Ray in Blender - Installation

2016-04-26 • Blender, V-Ray
  • how to install Blender for V-Ray and V-Ray Standalone
  • how to solve the problem with missing MSVCR110.dll file

V-Ray in Blender - Installation

Downloading V-Ray Standalone

In order to install V-Ray demo in Blender, you have to download V-Ray Standalone demo and Blender for V-Ray. To download both, go to chaosgroup.com and click the register link in the top right corner of the page.

During filling up the form, keep in mind that if you buy V-Ray on evermotion.org and you register the account here using the same e-mail adress you use on evermotion, chaosgroup automatically assigns access to full version of V-Ray to this account.

After filling up the form, click the Register button and activate account by clicking the link sent to your e-mail. Now log in, move cursor over the downloads tab and choose V-Ray Standalone. From the table at the bottom of the page, download the latest version of V-Ray for your operating system.

Downloading Blender for V-Ray

To download Blender for V-Ray, go to nightlies.chaosgroup.com/ and log in using your chaosgroup's account. Click on Blender for V-Ray and choose latest date and download Blender for your operating system. If you can't find the proper version, check older Blender builds. Keep in mind, that these versions are unstable, and possible issues should be reported on this page: github.com/bdancer/blender-for-vray/issues.

Installation & configuration

After downloading required software, extract files to folder from this file. Now you have two options. You can install V-Ray as a normal application by running the installator and clicking Install now button, or you can just extract files to a folder from this file and if you like, rename and move the folder to other localization. Installation of Blender for V-Ray is also very easy, just extract file, run the installator and keep clicking Install now button.
Now open Blender for V-Ray, open the User Preferences window, go to Add-ons, from the left column choose Render tab and activate V-Ray for Blender 3.0. To check whether V-Ray is detected by Blender or not, uncheck Detect V-Ray. If you have this information, Blender detected V-Ray and you can check this option back. Otherwise, you have to find vray.exe manually. Uncheck Relative path, and find vray.
You can save settings, close the window and prepare scene for the first rendering. First of all, change render engine to V-Ray or to V-Ray with material preview. Then, change resolution to 600 by 450px, and be sure that there is no more than 5 lights on your scene. Press F12 to render the scene.

Press F12 to render the scene.


If you receive this error, install Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable.