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*By uploading a model you convey all rights to us.

General rules

  1. Before upload, compress files into zip format. File cannot be bigger than 128 MB.
  2. Low quality models won't be accepted. (If model's score will be less than 38 credits, you don't receive credits and model won't be published.)
  3. Models from the internet also won't be accepted.
  4. If product from reference photos is created by a specific company, don't use their logo. Also don't try to exactly recreate their product.

How to receive maximum credits

1. Shape, topology & UV

0 - 48 credits

We will be looking on overall mesh quality. The mesh shouldn't contain triangles in key areas and unnecessary polygons. UV shouldn't be stretched.

2. Textures

0 - 20 credits

Textures cannot be from Create textures by your own (take photos and edit textures in a image editor or create them in Substance Designer) or find textures for commercial purposes using creative commons. You can also use our textures.

3. Material for Blender Cycles

(credits from point 1 / 48) * (0 - 12) credits

The 3D model should look realistic. (Tip: add dirt to your model)

4. Material for Blender V-Ray

(credits from point 1 / 48) * (0 - 12) credits

The 3D model should look realistic. (Tip: add dirt to your model)

5. Naming convention

(credits from point 1 / 48) * (0 - 8) credits


  • blender Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01.blend
    • blender object Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01// empty object
      • blender object Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Armrest
      • blender object Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Wheel.000
      • blender object Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Wheel.001
      • blender object Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-...
      • blender object Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Element
        • blender mesh Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Element
          • blender mesh Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Wood-Dark
          • blender mesh Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Wood-Bright
          • blender mesh Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Metal-A
          • blender mesh Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Metal-B
          • blender mesh Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-...
  • texture Textures
    • texture Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-AO.png// ambient occlusion map
    • texture Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-N.png
    • texture Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Wood-Fine-01.png
    • texture Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Wood-Fine-01-N.png// normal map
    • texture Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Wood-Fine-01-S.png// specular map
    • texture Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Wood-Fine-01-R.png// roughness map
    • texture Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Wood-Fine-01-B.png// bump map
    • texture Restaurant_Table_+_Chairs_01-Wood-Fine-01-D.png// displacement map
    • texture VP-Do-Not-Change-Name-Of-Textures-From-This-Site.png
If you can, use PNG format for textures. PNG is lossless, in contrast to JPEG.

No longer available. Sorry.