V-Ray in Blender - Universal render settings

2016-05-27 • Blender, V-Ray


  • the most important v-ray options
  • universal render settings for V-Ray in Blender

V-Ray in Blender - Installation

2016-04-26 • Blender, V-Ray


  • how to install Blender for V-Ray and V-Ray Standalone
  • how to solve the problem with missing MSVCR110.dll file

Blender Cycles vs V-Ray - Which one is better?

2016-04-10 • Blender, V-Ray


  • advantages and disadvantages of Blender Cycles and V-Ray

Create high quality textures & materials in 7 steps using Blender & GIMP

2015-10-15 • Tutorials • Blender, GIMP


  • tips and tricks of textures photography
  • methods of editing geometry and perspective of textures
  • how to make texture seamless
  • correct way to generate normal map
  • how to deal with annoying tiling effect